5 Healthy Gym Tips

With spring break approaching WAAAY sooner than any of our bodies are ready for, I figured I’d share how I am getting my lazy, college bum in shape (lol kinda) this season. A few healthy tidbits I have learned from my dietitian (thx PU wellness suite) and butt kicking workouts should be a little help for your break bod.

Every morning I make that decision of sleeping in just a half hour longer before class or jumping (more like falling) out of my loft & grabbing a quick protein packed breakfast. My dietitian has stressed this to me majorly especially with constant working out and wanting to build muscle. My go-to quick dining hall bfast is:

1/2- 1 cup of scrambled eggs
1-2 turkey sausages
1 slice of 5 grain toast w buttah
a grape fruit w splenda / banana w PB
2% milk OR black tea w honey

2. Take Advantage of Your Sauna
I am a big big BIG support of the sauna. The much dreaded ab workout has now been moved to the sauna also. My muscles are movin n grove’n without worrying of making my body any more sore than it already is. Fun Fact: Saunas are my favorite detox. They help sweat off water weight, build your immune system (amen), help with pain, clearing skin and circulates your blood flow.

3. Abs Abs Abs
With my favorite workout in the sauna being abs it’s only right to think about the benefit of everyday abs. A constant routine will help strengthen your core which will lead to better breathing, better posture, assist you in excelling in sports, prevent lower back pain and everyones favorite, slim your waist line down. Mix these benefits with those from the sauna and it’s a perfect love story. My easy, everyday ab workout in the sauna includes:

30 feet together crunches
30 feet raised crunches
30 legs flat crunches
60 each side bicycles
60 each side penguins
30 normal crunches
25 each side side crunch
outside of sauna:
4×12 each side standing crunch with 25lbs
4×12 medicine ball toss incline sit-up 10lbs

4. Change up Your Workout
Many times people don’t see the results they’re hoping for because they go to the gym day in and day out, but do the same thing. Every time I go to the gym I like to challenge myself with something a little different. Whether it be a normal workout, but adding a higher weight + rep or maybe just finding a weird exercise out from a friend (the ones that aren’t scared of the weight room). Switching things up a little will start to build more muscle and make your body work harder than it’s trained to.

5. Keep. It. Up.
Going to the gym once is not going to give you an instant flat tummy (if u can make this happen lemme know). Making sure you keep up with your work out + healthy eating at least 80% of the time will help show you the results you have been looking for. This can be a hard one for a lot of people. I know personally I start my week strong, but when Friday rolls around it is time for nights out which leads to every college students weakness: cheesy bread. Eating junk food every now n then is not going to destroy what you’re working towards (your body is a lot smarter than you think).

My body is no where near perfect and I am still getting myself to stay on track, but with a healthy support system and motivated friends I am getting to where I strive to be. I do not have a set goal, nor do I hope to be “perfect”. Everyday I strive for progress, healthiness and happiness. See you soon spring break, I’m ready for ya.



Fav quick, healthy snacks:
Whole grain tortillas + organic crunchy PB
Orange slices
Nutrigrain bars
yogurt + raspberries/peaches + almonds/granola
pitas w hummus (is this healthy? idk I am still eating it)
black tea

Fav shoulder + back workout
standing military – 3×8
plate lifts – 4×8
t raises – 4×8
arm curls w bar 3×8
tricep pull downs – 3×8
chest pulls – 4×8
single arm pulls – 3×8
assisted pull ups – 4×8
back pull downs – 4×8
barbell shrugs – 4×10
back extensions – 4×8
one arm dumbbell lift – 3×8 (each side)

Fav leg + booty workout
warm up on stair master rotate through side stepping, skipping steps and adjusting speed – 10-15 minutes
squats – 3×10
curtsy lunges – 3×8 (each side)
Hip abductors – 4×10
Hamstring curls – 4×8 (heavy)
calf raises w weight – 4×12
kickbacks w weight – 4×10
hip raises – 4×10


Finding What’s Good

Going into my 4th week of classes this semester I am starting to look at things a lot differently than I did 5 short months ago. Preparing myself for early morning classes, waking up in time to feed myself and focus on getting my work done on time has been a hard struggle to overcome.

Me time is what I have found to be good for me. Finding that time in my day to just breath, relax and not feel the weight of a  thousand item to do list sitting on my shoulders (more like on my pretty lily planner). Crazily I have discovered this awesome amenity my campus has to offer called light therapy (HAHA no this is not an ad). Now if you know me you know how RIDICULOUS I think therapy is, but this is one of another nature. I have been off and on sick since September with basically everything in the book (I wish I was kidding, I’ll make you a list). Light therapy has given me the me time I have been looking for (with lots of warmth). Every week, once or twice depending on this bipolar IN weather, I come to the wellness suite and sit my happy (cold) butt in front of a bright, cozy light. That’s right I just sit. I turn off my phone, computer and basically everything distracting from the outside world and throw my head back for 30 minutes. Lately I have been using this time to really think about my life and reflect on the goods and bads that have twisted themselves into my world. This time around I have been really distracted in my days by building my work ethic.

My work ethic does not have the best track record, especially when it comes to school. Last semester I could have tried harder, I could have gone the extra mile or heck I could have done the mandatory mile to the best of my ability, but I didn’t (what a bite in the butt). I struggled to find my balance. A balance between school and social life, something that brought me down where I should have been brought up. Don’t think I think anyone has the balancing act down (except maybe Beyonce) because what a world that would be, but I definitely have a strong sense everyone else has it down a lot better than I do. I would say “oh of course I can finish my homework in 20 minutes before class in the morning. That’s what noon classes are for, early cramming, I can totally go out tonight.” Going to college and meeting tons of new people makes it kinda hard to say no to all the amazing, endless opportunities even when I have things I know are more important that need my attention. I have a really, really bad habit of biting off more than I can chew. From extra curricular, to dinner dates, working out everyday (de-stressing, but also stressing bc I have a million  things to do) and just taking on whatever else anyone wants from me. I am a yes person and I know most people would agree that can be a very great trait, but when I have 2974049 things that need done, a yes is not always my best answer.

This semester I am setting goals and working to realign for the bettering of myself. My goals are set high, but not unattainable by any means. I pledge myself to become more of the person I preach to be, but lack to practice in my daily life. I hope to learn how to study harder (I’m a guilty crammer whoops). I strive to strengthen my trust in my sorority sisters, best friends and family. I aim to impress my professors with well thought out work that proves I am committed to my education. I believe I can continue to grow in a positive light through the love that surrounds me and my beautiful campus.

Reminding myself each and everyday can be better than the one before is a stepping stone that keeps me motivated. When things get hard and giving up on school seems like the best option I am reminded that I have been chosen for this path and I CHOOSE to be here. No one is saying this is the road I must follow, but for the sake of my future this is where I need to be. Each day I am going to begin to find what is good for me and continue to take advantage of me time. The way I can strengthen my ties with God while learning to love myself + others in a healthier way is positivity and a head held high. We are not always put in the best positions to make the best decisions, but the first place we can start is being grateful for what we have and how we can best use that to better our lives right now. I am not the best example to lead by by any means, but I refuse to follow in a path that lacks light no matter the lack of people. I will find the good and the balance I have been calling for, hoping for and needing for. Today I am thankful for what’s here and hopeful for what’s to come.



P.S. Fellow Boilermakers take advantage of light therapy though, you can thank me later.

37 Positive Reminders

Sitting here thinking about all the things that could have gone wrong or bad situations I have seemed to get myself stuck in over the years, I am very grateful I have the ability to bounce back with the help of such a strong support system. My biggest strength is being able to pick myself back up (even if it may take a few tries) and get back out there. Here are a few little things i tell myself that motivate me to just “keep swimming”:

1. You are SO loved.
2. Make some mistakes, learn from them, don’t repeat.
3. Grades do NOT define your intelligence.
4. Your worth is what you make of it, be a million bucks.
5. God has your back, even when you don’t.
6. At the end of the day, your dog will still want to give you kisses.
7. Chocolate chip cookies only take 13 minutes to bake, don’t let your freakout last longer than that.
8. Whatever you’re feeling, my girl Miley has a song for it.
9. A soul like yours is beautiful.
10. Creativity is fun, I have creativity. I am fun.
11. A life with no mistakes is boring.
12. The picture doesn’t always look pretty, but the moon & the stars don’t photograph well either.
13. Cuddles, hugs & kisses make everything better (even if they’re from your cat)
14. I have really really really AWESOME friends.
15. My future will be exactly what God has intended for me, I will get through it.
16. Sometimes an everything bagel toasted fixes problems.
17. The best days of my life haven’t even happened yet.
18. I have a family who loves me.
19. Wine comes in ice cream form.
20. When I tell a joke, people think its funny. My personally is lively.
21. I am a good listener.
22. Building someone else up will build you up just as much, do good feel good.
23. I am healthy.
24. Stress is just an attitude. Adjust accordingly.
25. A happy heart & a kind smile go a long way.
26. Happy endings do exist.
27. I am still brave when I am afraid.
28. You are doing better than you think. Keep going.
29. My brain is apart of my beauty. I can wow you with my mind and a naked face.
30. All anything takes is just 10 seconds of insane courage.
31. I have the power to be anything I want to be.
32. You are down, not out.
33. Winners never quit and quitters never win.
34. You are loved for all that you are and all you are raised to be.
35. We each have our own finish line.
36. You don’t have to play by the rules of the game. Have fun with it.
37. Whatever you’re feeling, just know you’re still feeling. You’re alive.

The path you follow might get a little rocky every now and then, but the journey is more important than the destination. Be happy. Be humble. Keep pushin on.